VeloRouge are known for our organized and disciplined paceline riding style. To promote the safest possible Group Rides, Members and Guests are asked to ride with the following guidelines in mind:


  • Avoid braking abruptly in the paceline 
  • Shoulder check before changing your line 
  • If you wish to exit the rotation, please do so from the back unless an emergency situation
  • Respectful Communication with other riders is critical. Do not take it the wrong way if someone comments on an observation; any feedback is ultimately to improve the safety of the group.

Double (Social) Paceline

  • Ride in two rows, staying shoulder to shoulder with the adjacent rider, and directly behind the rider ahead of you. Do not offset to find the ‘sweet spot’ for wind resistance. For safe group riding stay Tight and to the Right; this does not allow for Echelon riding, as tempting as it may be. 
  • Do not Cross Wheels: NO overlap with the wheel in front of you. If you are riding directly behind the rider ahead, Cross Wheeling will never happen.
  • At the front, keep a steady effort and avoid surging. The front should not attack on hills, and while going down riders should continue the steady effort and not freewheel. 
  • Front riders are responsible for the group. It is imperative to scan the road ahead and point out all obstacles; riders behind WILL NOT be able to see what’s coming. If the group needs to move wide to avoid an obstacle, do so in plenty of time. Sudden changes in the line should be avoided.
  • When rotating, the front right rider will ease off very slightly to allow the front left rider to rotate clockwise and assume the front right position. The next rider will then move forward to ride shoulder-to-shoulder at the front. Generally, the rider in the front left position will decide when to rotate; however, if the rider at the front right is tiring, they may communicate with the rider at front left that they wish to be relieved and the rotation will be initiated. 
  • Bear in mind the size of your group when approaching intersections. Front riders should ensure it is safe for the entire group to move through before entering the intersection. If in doubt, call it out and STOP. At intersections / road crossings, proceed as a group.

Single Paceline

  • When a single paceline is necessary due to road or traffic conditions, VRCC will rotate counter clockwise (refer to animation). The front rider will shoulder check on the left for traffic approaching, before moving to the left of the line and dropping to the rear of the group. The remaining paceline will pull through on the right. 
  • If the rider at the front slows the pace and / or is slowing the group, the riders behind should communicate with them to request they drop back and let fresh legs pull through.

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