VeloRouge Mandate Statement & Bylaws

Mission Statement: A cycling-sportif group focused on the joy and panache of cycling, quality training rides, disciplined paceline riding, and friendly competition. 


Club Membership: The club welcomes members from all genders and ages. Members must pay the annual membership fee and agree to the club bylaws, code of conduct, and road rules as determined by the board and passed by our members annually.  

An annual membership fee covers costs such as: 
• Insurance for members during VRCC events, and general liability insurance for the Club itself.
• Financial/Banking fees
• Marketing and communications (e.g., website)

The annual fee will be set by the Board based on that year’s budget and available sponsorship/partnership. The budget will be shared with Members for comments at the Annual General Meeting.  
Each year VRCC produces a cycling kit for club members to purchase and wear at cycling events, which helps promote the club, promotes the club’s sponsors and partners and builds a strong club community and promotes the club to other cyclists and the community at large.

Cycling Disciplines and Abilities: VeloRouge CC is primarily a road cycling club that is neither a racing nor touring club. The club’s pace on the road, and style of riding is geared towards more experienced riders, and riders looking to improve their fitness, strength and skills to become stronger cyclists. Club Rides:The Board will set a schedule of official rides for the purposes of insurance and marketing. For the purposes of the regular road cycling season (April to October 1), three weekly road rides are expected: Friday mornings, Saturday mornings, and Sunday mornings. Additional rides may be added to the calendar as the season progresses: details of any additional rides (such as grave events or remote start rides will be announced on the website.

Club Governance: VeloRouge CC is governed by a volunteer board of directors. The Board will be guided by by-laws which are approved and amended by members, including the annual election or appointment of board members.  

Club Communication: VeloRouge will continue to use a the club website, closed What’sApp Club Member’s chat and club Strava page to announce club activities. Members are welcome to organize their own (unofficial) rides, however, they cannot be promoted on club forums without approval of the Board (for insurance purposes), and informal rides organized outside the official club calendar are not subject to VRCC insurance coverage.

Brand: While our legal name is listed as Velo Rouge Cycling Club, our brand will be described in all communication as:

• VeloRouge Cycling Club
• VeloRouge CC

VeloRouge By-Lawsclick here to download

Schedule A – President

Schedule B – Vice-President

Schedule C – Treasurer

Schedule D – Secretary

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