VRCC – Club Rules

These Rules, Regulations and Code of Conduct applies to all VeloRouge members while on official VeloRouge rides and/or while wearing whole or in part past or present Club Kit. 

Club Specific Rules
We have a zero tolerance for breaking of Club Rules:
Helmets are mandatory on all club rides or while wearing past or present club kit;
Members must stop at all Red Lights regardless if traffic isn’t present. If unable to activate the light change by button or other vehicle approaching it will be up to the ride Captain to indicate that it is safe to proceed. This is non-negotiable;
Members are required to follow and adhere to the Club’s Code of Conduct;
Guests and potential new members are required to fill out and sign the clubs’ Activity Waiver and Release;
When a ride captain is assigned, members are required to respect their guidance, judgement and decisions;
Ride captains are required to follow club rules and the HTA. If a ride captain fails to follow these rules please report it to a board member and for your safety, you may chose to leave the ride.

Highway Traffic Act (HTA) Specific Regulations
Under the HTA, a bicycle is a vehicle, just like a car or truck, Cyclistes:

Must obey all traffic laws;
Have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers;
Must stop at all stop signs and stop at all Red Lights;
Must pull over to the right and stop for emergency vehicles;
We ride “tight to the right”, in a straight line and pass on the left;
“tight to the right” means within metre of the edge of the road, the shoulder of the rider beside you while staying close to the rider in front of you;
Lights (white on front and red on rear) are required within 30 minutes of dusk or dawn and poor visibility conditions (fog or rain) but recommended always.

WhatsApp Chat Guidelines

The board of VRCC established a WhatsApp channel in order to allow a mobile chat feature for club members mostly for immediate communication about official, club sanctioned rides. This is to avoid people being left standing at the start point waiting for someone who might not show up due to a last-minute change of plans, change in the weather, etc. 
We ask the following so that messages are clean, respectful, void of profanity and easy to follow, and to avoid people having to endlessly scroll through non-applicable posts to get to the meat to the ride details and possible changes. 

What the WhatsApp is for:
A) Planning club sanctioned rides
B) Change of details for club sanctioned rides (time, route, weather, participation)
C) Planning of social events (again for location, time, participation)
D) Light banter is acceptable but keep comments brief and focused on A and B.
What the WhatsApp is NOT for:
A) Conversations not applicable to club, or cycling in general

Code of Conduct

Show and express appreciation towards the VeloRouge Cycling Club’s sponsors, at all times among each other and to the public at large. This includes refraining from an even slightly negative comment of any nature, whether in a private or public situation. All matters, issues, concerns relating to sponsors will be directed ONLY to the VRCC Board members, who will address anything if necessary.
Commit themselves to act as positive ambassadors of VRCC to the cycling community and the community at large;

Participate in a spirit of fair play and honesty. Demonstrate through words and actions the spirit of sportsmanship, sports leadership and ethical conduct;
Be courteous and respectful to other members of the cycling community;
Use restraint (avoid shouting and/or gestures) when dealing with aggressive drivers or those passing too close; use police road watch system for follow up with driving infractions;
Refrain from public criticism of other members of the cycling community;
Respect the dignity of others;

Act in a manner that will bring credit to the cycling community and themselves;
Treat others with respect and refrain from negative or disparaging remarks or conduct;
Refrain from any behaviour that constitutes harassment, where harassment is defined as comment or conduct directed towards an individual or group, which is offensive, abusive, racist, sexist, degrading or malicious;
Refrain from any behaviour that constitutes sexual harassment, where sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances or conduct of a sexual nature.

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